Passionate Danish chocolate production since 1936

The legacy of Elizabeth
Eliza's history goes all the way back to 1936, when Elizabeth Petersen founded her elegant chocolate shop with her own production on Åboulevarden in Aarhus. Here, Elizabeth handmade her popular chocolates according to her own recipes and always from raw materials of the finest quality.

An experience in the shop
The shop was full of delicious filled pralines, chocolate and marzipan bars as well as the spectacular "American buns". The filled pralines were selected individually, and were put in a box by Elizabeth herself, and the customers left with the confection in fine bags with the name tag of the shop, which even then signaled uncompromising quality.

The continuation of a life's work
It is the same principles of craftsmanship and quality that we expand upon at Eliza today - but on a much larger scale. If Elizabeth could visit the chocolate factory today, she would therefore be able to nod in appreciation of the quality – and she would be proud to see how we have developed her life's work.
We want to make quality chocolate affordable at a reasonable price

Eliza represents a unique balance between real chocolate quality and affordable prices. Thus, we work every day to develop and produce chocolate that pleasantly surprises in terms of taste and price.


 Eliza Chokolade has been 100% owned by Kakes A/S since 2022. Kakes is a private Danish company owned by Kenneth, Klaus and Allan Eskildsen. The Eskildsen family is also behind the Danish fund-owned company "Givesco A/S", which invests in high quality food companies, including especially bakeries, patisseries and confectioneries. Eliza is a small, agile chocolate company with a large purchasing force behind it.

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