Overrask en du holder af med en Eliza gavekurv

Siden 1990'erne har Eliza Chokolade været den førende leverandør af gavepakninger til detailhandel og convenience. Vi producerer selv langt det meste af indholdet i vores gavekurve på fabrikken i Viby.

Since the 1990's, Eliza Chokolade has been the leading supplier of gift baskets for retail and convenience. We produce most of the contents of our gift baskets ourselves at the factory in Viby. Eliza's innovations department and production are run by passionate chocolate experts - with great curiosity, creativity and professional know-how. That is why we strive to surprise the recipients of our gift baskets with unique chocolate experiences. A good example of that is our Chocolate-covered dragées with filling - our innovative signature range, which can be found in most gift baskets. Here, two complicated techniques (casting and coating) are combined. It provides surprising flavor combinations and new types of filling. 

All packaging of our chocolate gift baskets takes place directly at our factory and by hand. That is why we are completely free to creatively put together interesting gift baskets and festive seasonal baskets. 

In the spirit of Elizabeth, we still place great importance on the packaging of all our chocolate products. After all, the packaging helps to invoke curiosity and set expectations - so it is actually part of the overall chocolate experience!

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