We want to create taste experiences

At Eliza Chokolade, we have a broad selection of filled chocolates, marzipan pieces, chocolate and marzipan bars, and custard and peanut tarts. Common to all our products is our focus on high quality, good ingredients, and exceptional flavour.


Chocolate is the main ingredient in all our products. We always use a good dark chocolate with a minimum of 70% cocoa solids and milk chocolate with a minimum of 30%.

A thorough tempering ensures a crisp snap and a beautiful smooth look to our chocolate.


Marzipan is a key ingredient in many of our products, and we always make it with high-quality ingredients and great taste in mind.

We use Valencian almonds of the highest quality. They give us a characteristic marzipan with a delicate and pure taste that works perfectly with the chocolate in our products.

Custards and fillings

At Eliza Chokolade, we make our own custards and fillings for our chocolates and bars out of respect for good craftsmanship. We care very much about creating unique taste experiences, and we can do that best when we make the ingredients ourselves.

The quality of the raw materials is also essential. We use good Danish butter and cream for our custards and fillings, as well as other raw materials of high quality, such as freeze-dried berries and raw liquorice.