About Eliza Chocolade

About Eliza Chocolade

At Eliza we produce and develop both unique products and new concepts of the highest quality for the retail industry in Northern Europe.

But we started somewhere else entirely.

Chocolate adventure in Aarhus

Our history dates all the way back to 1936 when a stylish little chocolate shop saw the light of day on the street Åboulevarden in Aarhus. Behind the counter was an ambitious chocolatier by the name of Elizabeth Petersen. In her shop, this young lady would make and sell hand-made chocolates of the finest quality.

The recipes were Elizabeth’s own, and she never compromised on quality or ingredients. Customers soon developed a taste for the temptations in the small shop, and the chocolate became known and loved all over town.

New owner and growth

Just like the chocolate-loving people of the town, Elizabeth’s business quickly caught the eyes of the well-known Perto family, and in 1981 they took over her life’s work. The ambition of the new owner was to continue to run the business in the original spirit of Eliza Chocolade. And that turned out to be a wise decision.

In 1998, the small shop on Åboulevarden could no longer keep up with demand, so Eliza Chocolade moved to a new and larger location on Frederiksgade in the centre of Aarhus. At its new location, customers could not only buy the popular chocolates but also see how they were made.

From store to chocolate factory

A few years later, Eliza Chocolade moved once more. This time, the need for more space brought the business to the Aarhus suburb of Viby. The chocolate store thus turned into a small but ambitious and quality-conscious chocolate factory, and it still lives there today.

The Eliza Chocolade of today is based on the unique and original recipes and well-kept traditions of Elizabeth’s chocolate shop from 1936. The focus remains the same: using only the best raw materials and ingredients. And the production is still done by hand to ensure high quality and great taste. At Eliza Chocolade, we cherish our history but we also welcome new ideas and inspiration that can complement our good old-fashioned craftsmanship.